Dear guests!

We are glad that you have chosen to stay at our hotel - Hotel Latgale.

The information has been prepared as a guide to give you an insight into the services available at our hotel and leisure opportunities in Rezekne.

Hotel Latgale. 98 Atbrivošanas avenue, Rezekne, LV-4601. T.+37129994444;
Check-in at the hotel starts from 14:00. In case of early check-in, please contact the hotel reception in advance T.+37129994444. Early check-in depends on hotel room availability.
Check-out from the hotel is until 12:00 p.m. If you wish to stay longer, please inform the hotel reception in advance. Late check-out depends on hotel room availability and is for an additional coast.
Free parking is available at the Hotel.
Hotel Latgale offers a buffet breakfast. Breakfast is available every day 07:00-10:00 at the cafe ‘’Hot pizza’’ on the ground floor of the hotel. If you want an early breakfast to take away, please inform the hotel reception in advance.

Café ‘’Hot pizza’’ is located on the ground floor of the hotel. Pizza, kebabs, main courses, salads, desserts, drinks, etc. For a selection of dishes, visit or scan QR code.    T.+37126168888.
LAVAZZA coffee machine in the lobby, 16 types of coffee.  Available 24h.
Souvenirs, soft and alcoholic drinks available at reception 24h.

TV channels available in the rooms:
LTV1, LTV7, LTV1HD, LTV7HD, RE TV(LV,RU), TV 24 (LV), Rda (UA,RU), LRT, Lituania (LT), LTV1 (LV), LTV7 (LV), LV LI Riga ( LV), Fox life (EN), Filmzone HD (EN), TV5 sport open (EN), ATV HD (music), TV 3 Latvija (LV), TV3 Life (LV), LTV 3 mini (LV), LTV ( LV), LTV6 Latvia, TV3+ Latvia, RE TV (LV,RU), DW Europe (NE), Best 4sport HD (EN), Best 4 sport 2HD (EN), NatGeo (EN), France 24fra (FR), Ua TV (UA,RU), Euro News RU (EN,RU), Inter+ (UA), Kidzone (LV), Nickelocteon (LV), Nick jr (LV), Fox (EN), History channel, LV Šlāģerkanāls, MTV hits (music).

* Rooms have Smart TV and free WI-FI (no password).

In the hotel there is a fitness club "ENERGY LIFE" and solarium. info T.+37128333030.

We recommend the catering venues in Rezekne:

* Restaurant and wine studio "MÓRA" Located 300 metres away.  T.+37126514 420   * REST Lounge restaurant. Located 2 km away.  Stacijas street 9. T.+37161111126.   * IGGI bārs&karbonādes.  Located 100 metres away. Atbrīvošanas avenue 95C, Rezekne.  Info   T.+37122107107.   * Restaurant "Zīds".  Located 300 metres.  Pils street 4.   * Meals can be ordered with delivery via Bolt or Wolt app.

Take a look at Cultural Life and Events:

*Latgale Embassy Gors Concert Hall is 300 metres from Hotel Latgale.Repertoire here: GORS (   * Theater Joriks. Located 150 meters away.   * Sports, entertainment, events in Rezekne: Info   * Events in Rezekne region:     * Rezekne Tourist Information Centre. Krasta street 31. T.+371 64622222.

About Rezekne:
Rezekne is located 242 km from Riga, 264 km from Vilnius and 432 km from Tallinn. The city is called the heart of Latgale. Rezekne is a multi-ethnic and multicultural city. Rēzekne is the seventh largest city in Latvia. Population 28,000.

Sights of Rezekne:
A pedestrian path has been created around the Kovsu lake. A nature trail for walks in all seasons, ~3 km long, around the entire lake, forming a paved and in some places wooden promenade on support logs.

A walking trail along the Rezekne river. A walk along the Krasta Street promenade is a linear route, its length is 3.5 km. The route will appeal to lovers of nature tourism and will be suitable for trips with bicycles and electric scooters.

Rezekne Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos. Rezekne Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Latgale Cultural History Museum. Atbrivosanas avenue 102, Rezekne, 200 m from Hotel Latgale. Monument "United Latvia" 50 meters away. Rēzekne castle ruins 300 m away. Rezekne Art and Design High School Art House. Treasure House of the Free State. Krasta Street 35, Rezekne. Located 400 m from Hotel.

Active recreation in Rezekne region:
* Horse farm Untumi 1 Ozolmuižas parish LV-4601 (5.3 km from Rezekne).   *Mini Zoo Rozīte (7.6 km from Rezekne).      *Viewing tower in Ančupani (4 km from Rezekne).   *Camper park water attractions Ezera street 9b, Rezekne. T.+371 23552700.      *Children's entertainment center "KidZone" Location Atbrivosanas avenue 174, Rezekne.Contacts T.+371 29711109      *VINNI center Latgales Street 28 Rezekne. T.+371 23994399.   *Ice rink. Stacijas street 30b, Rezekne. Working hours on the OCR website in the "Ice hall" section. T.+371 20229992.        *Paintball club "Priedes", Greivuli, Audrinu parish, Rezekne.(3.7 km from Rēzekne) T.+371 26178693.         *Svilpaunieki Tīklu Parks (24.3 km from Rezekne).

Grocery stores:

*Maxima X (Nearest store) Pulkvezu street 26, 300 m away.      *RIMI, Galdnieku street 8, 600 m away.      *Lidl, Atbrivosanas avenue 125,      *Citro, Brivibas street 22,      *Maxima XX, Atbrivosanas avenue 141A.

Rules of the hotel:
Small size pets are allowed. The additional fee for a pet is 30.00 EUR per night. Hotel Latgale is not responsible for money, valuables and documents left in the room. It is possible to use the hotel safe. It is strictly forbidden to: bring into the room and store non-flammable materials, use electric heaters, leave burning candles, etc.; make noise and disturb the peace of the other guests. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel building. The fine for smoking is 150 euros. Please do not smoke in the hotel rooms! Please do not feed the birds (pigeons) on the balcony!

When leaving the room, please turn off the light, TV, turn off the water taps and close the windows.

Room keys must be given to the reception. Guests can stay in the room until 23:00. After 23:00, additional payment will be required for the guest. In case of loss of keys, there is a penalty of 30 EUR.

Fire safety:
Each room has a smoke detector. In case of fire, please leave the room immediately and follow the evacuation signs in the corridors. Do not use the elevator.

Other information:

*The SWEDBANK ATM is located at the central entrance of Hotel Latgale.      *The bus station is 500 m away from hotel. Latgales street 17, Rezekne. T.+37164624656.      *Rēzekne II railway station is 2.0 km away from hotel, Stacijas street 9, Rezekne.

*Taxi: T. +37180021181 T. +37120204242 T. +37129295846 T.+37129250334.

Book rooms at reception T.+37129994444. Price is cheaper and has a wider selection of rooms.

Happy holidays and good luck!

Hotel Latgale Administration.